Powerful & Professional technical team

Having Dr. Ding Gao song from U.S as the leader, Indusair gathered a team of top-level technologies, management and services. The team concentrates on the Research & Development and production of High Purity Ammonia through the application of technologies of Electronic Grade High Purity Ammonia from U.S and Proprietary Intelligence Property Rights. Recruitment of professionals is paid great attention. 8% of total employees are Master degree, 80% of total employees are Undergraduates degree. The powerful talent team carries on reformation and breakthrough and thus enables the sustainable development of Indusair.


Rigorous and Competent R&D Capability

Depending on professional R&D Team with global top level, Indusair concentrates on high purity special gas with more safety and efficiency to provide better products to industries of Electronic and metallurgical.



Indusair reserves 100% of Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights. 2 Patents of Invention and 16 patents of New Utility have been approved.