Acceleration of Process of Making Special gas Homemade

To make the Electronic Grade special gas be homemade is an irresistible trend in recent years when the industries of VLSI (Super-large-scale Integration), TFT (Thin-film technology), Solar Energy and LED have been rapidly developing in China which means a strong sign of increasing demand upon electronic grade special gas. It was indicated on the report of the 14th Annual Conference of National Special Gas Industry that China has obtained exciting progress in making Electronic Grade special gas homemade. Domestic manufacturers of high purity Ammonia has broken through the monopoly of the external enterprises, the times of Nominal Price is gone for high purity CF4, high purity chlorine hydride has been introduced to domestic market successfully.

High Purity Ammonia: Domestic enterprises are going to be the main force.
High purity Ammonia is important Nitrogen source for CVD because it’s one of the primary material for producing Nitride layer in Electronics industry. Homemade high purity Ammonia acted an important role in Solar Cell industry in 2010 and broke through the monopoly of the external enterprises.
To deal with the heavy competition in domestic market, repacking stations were set up by Linde, Air Liquide and Taiyo Nippon Sanso, while Showa Denko, Air Products Inc and Sumitomo set up Ammonia factories in China. However, the situation for domestic Ammonia manufacturers is still optimistic because of growing scale of domestic manufacturers and bettering quality. It’s just a matter of time that the domestic manufacturers to be the main supplier of the IC, LED and Solar Cell Industries.

High Purity CF4: The times of Nominal Price is over.
Nominal Price was a usual situation for high purity CF4 in domestic market before the latest Financial Crisis came because large scale production was unavailable. But now it’s gone and over. There is report indicated that the domestic annual demand of 1000 tons is being fulfilled by homemade CF4 with a purity of 99.9995%.

High Purity Chlorine Hydride: Introduced to domestic market.
High purity chlorine hydride is an important raw material for carbide alloy, mainly used in the polishing procedure and epitaxy of mono silicon wafer. Statistically more than half of the domestic annual demand of 100 tons depends on import currently. The domestic market of high purity chlorine hydride was monopolized by external enterprises before the Financial Crisis, it’s really difficult for domestic manufacturer’s breaking through. However, the situation greatly changed along with the coming of the Crisis.

For Special Gas Industry, it’s not only a problem of Industrialization production involved, or only a matter of invested capital. To make a firm stand on the market, the first thing is the technology. The domestic enterprises are forced to show the world their great power of vitality and competition, and even to be aggressive, if it’s necessary.