Production Engineering

Based on independent researches and developments, the World’s leading technologies of purification process was designed to give a breakthrough to the traditional production engineering of High Purity Ammonia. The application of advanced equipments and energy powerplant with core competence enabled the optimization of production technology, and high quality, low consumption and zero discharge are achieved.



Indusair concentrates to meet the strict quality requirements from PV, LED, OLED and TFT industries by increasing the purity of Ammonia to be electronic grade 7N (99.99999%).
Indusair is equipped with World’s top level examine machines and perfect quality control system. Strict controls upon quality of finished product and containers are carried out during the whole procedure, from raw material to production, to package, to storage and to final delivery to ensure the quality and safety at our customers’ locale.
Indusair recruited a group of professional quality control technicians. The accuracy of examine results is ensured depending on the professional analyzing methods, experiences and work ethics of the technicians.


Extremely Exacting Analyzing & Detecting System

Analyzing Flow Chart


Analyzing Equipments


MultiGas 2032 FTIR ( Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer) is used to analyze moisture content at the outlet/inlet of preliminary purification.


GC9560 Gas Chromatograph is used in online inspection of moisture content to ensure the accuracy of analyzed data.


GOW-MAC 592 DID Gas Chromatograph is a gas analyzing machine of high efficiency, super sensibility and high analyzing speed, is used in online inspection of moisture content.


HALO Moisture Meter appears to be small and exquisite, it’s accuracy and reliability are extraordinary. It’s used in quality detection upon product tanks and filled containers.